What steps do I have to follow to make my first massphoning campaign?

Create an account (it’s free!) and you will receive an email with your login data. As Administrator, you can buy credit and change the rates plan. You can also create users and assign them some of the credit you purchased, so with a single account, all the people you want can campaign with their own sender number. This video tutorial makes you an expert in 3 minutes.

When we import an Excel with the phones, why do they have to be in text format?

Phone numbers, just like postal codes, are not numbers but alphanumeric codes

What's the 'Account Name'?

The name you will see on the header of the account. Most people use their company name.

What's the 'Sender Phone'?

It’s the number that recipients of your campaigns will see on their screens. It can be changed at any time from the Administrator section. By accepting the legal conditions you agree to provide phone numbers under your responsibility.

What are the 'Fee' plans about?

‘Fee’ plans make monthly charges through PayPal, and each payment gives you access to a month of reduced rates. In addition, ‘Fee’ plans grant you cash-back for the uncontacted phones. When you switch to a ‘Fee’ plan, the first monthly fee is charged.

Can I switch the pricing plan easily?

Yes, you can switch pricing plans from your account’s control panel at any time.

What pricing plan suits me best?

If you’re going to call more than 1,000 phones within 30 days or you expect many uncontacted phones, choose a ‘Fee’ plan (reduced rates and cashback). If you foresee less activity you should go for the ‘No Fee’ plan.

I still have some days left of a 'Fee' plan. Will I lose them if I switch now to the 'No Fee' plan?

No, you will still have the ‘Fee’ plan reduced rates (and the cash-back for the uncontacted phones) until the expiration date, and then will switch automatically to the ‘No Fee’ plan rates.



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