Automated Call Center

The fastest and easiest way to call and answer everyone at once.

Call Center

The fastest and easiest way to call and answer everyone at once.

Emergency warnings, immediate polls and surveys, confirmations, reminders, last minute offers…

Emergency warnings, immediate polls and surveys, confirmations, reminders, last minute offers...

Emergency warnings, immediate polls and surveys, confirmations, reminders, last minute offers...

What is it for

Replaces the Call Center in 80% of the needs of SMEs and self-employed:

When we organize any kind of event, knowing who is going to be there can save us a lot of trouble. WhatsApp or SMS may go unnoticed, but a phone call ensures that everyone will look at their screen.
If an asteroid like the one that finished Dino comes… Massphoning probably is not going to help much. Nevertheless, there are many other situations where an emergency call will really make a difference.
How important it is to give your people a message of support and motivation at the right time.
Entrepreneur, teacher, manager, coach, politician or leader of any kind… make your voice heard!
Real power is knowing what other people think and Massphoning allows you to carry out massive surveys.
Ask your people directly and clearly and in a matter of minutes you will have all the answers.

The applications are endless

Travel agencies and hotels give away special discount offers to those who signed up to receive them. Never again miss that 2X1.
Accounting and legal advisors remind clients of due dates for relevant documentation. Never again miss that deadline.
Health and Wellness centers give away special discount offers to those willing to take advantage of canceled appointments.
Bars and restaurants give away special discount offers to those who signed up to receive them. Never again miss that Happy Hour.
Multinationals and large companies have a backup channel for critical instructions. Never again an unwanted computer reset.
Market research agencies and StartUps survey customers before investing big money in new products and services.
Business and social leaders deliver high impact messages with their voice to raise funds, motivate teams, or ask for support.

See examples on our blog

Those who don’t like surprises use massphoning to dimension attendance and the catering with mathematical precision.

See examples on our blog

Therapists and teachers use massphoning to give priority to those who need more urgent support.

See examples on our blog

Multinationals and large companies use massphoning to make the standard “Living our values” surveys quickly.

See examples on our blog

How does it work

It is a cloud service, which gives you 2 independent but complementary superpowers:

With Massphoning-out you can automatically call thousands of phones in a matter of minutes. You select the country, date and time, the voice recording that the recipients of the call will hear, the list of telephones and that’s it: at the specified date and time, the telephones on the list begin to ring and when picking up they hear our message.

You can launch a simple message (to give warnings in which it is not necessary to receive a response from the receiver) or a poll that asks for a keystroke. Feedback is immediate: the campaign only lasts a few minutes and offers results in real time, as calls are made.

Massphoning-out in 3 minutes (video tutorial)

With Massphoning-in you can automatically answer thousands of phones in a matter of minutes. It is ideal for managing the flood of incoming calls generated by a Massphoning-out campaign or by any other marketing action, without collapsing your phone lines or the traditional Call Center.

It is a phone number that we assign to you, capable of handling many simultaneous incoming calls and that can reproduce the same message as Massphoning-out (simple message or survey), to attend to all those who are calling us back because they missed the call. You can also use it as a simple super-answering machine.

Massphoning-in in 3 minutes (video tutorial)

Who uses it

According to Forrester, 75% of companies will use automated calling systems by 2025:

From where

From our platform, from your CRM or your platform integrating with our API:

From this platform

The SaaS (Software as a Service) platform means that calling thousands of phones in a matter of minutes does not require any investment in hardware or software, and it is so easy to use that with the 3-minute tutorial you will be able to do your first campaign.

Available: Coming soon:

Integration with CRMs

We are developing integrations with the most popular CRM platforms. From a CRM it is much easier to manage phone calling campaigns continuously because you segment and analyze using all the data generated in your relationship with the client or customer.

From your own platform

We can integrate the automatic calling technology into your software platform so that your team has the ability to call and answer thousands of phones in a matter of minutes.
Contact us so we can study thoroughly your needs and we’ll get to it.

How much

When you register you start free with the “No fee” plan and then you change it as it suits you:

A phone call is more

The telephone channel has been left empty and now the calls stand out more:

The phone call does hit

Emails, whatsapps and SMS pile up until we read them. Whereas, when our phone rings… no matter what we are doing, we all look at the screen to see who’s calling.

It is not to do evil

Please do not use Massphoning to spam (you generate bad karma and we will be forced to cancel your account). Only call people who gave you permission to be called.

It is to do good

Massphoning wants to support the people in the world who are doing good things. We have special discounts for any organization whose calls save lives.

What do they say

The short description that we like the most is «Massphoning is the Mailchimp of telephony»:

It seems incredible that a technology that a few years ago used to require a considerable investment and was only affordable to big companies, is now available to anyone. You no longer need to invest time and money.

Antonio Aliaga

Advertising Manager, ATRESMEDIA

We used massphoning to confirm attendance at our Work Smarter event. Over 80% of those who pressed the key to confirm finally showed up. The integration with Teamleader CRM it’s now available in the Marketplace.

María Abad

Marketing Manager, TEAMLEADER

First time I heard about Massphoning, I thought it was just another company with robocall technology ready to spam people. Now I know the project in depth and they might as well become the MAILCHIMP of telephony.

Randy Goldsmith