On June 15, the Work Smarter 2017 took place at the Teatro Luchana in Madrid. An inspiring event organized by Teamleader and sponsored by Massphoning, where to discuss the efficiency of the European SMEs. A meeting place to talk about business, listen to the opinion of great professionals, assess productivity, and improve efficiency. Besides, it featured national and international first level speakers such as Jeroen De Wit, Enrique Dans or Maria Benjumea, who participated in a day with presentations, roundtables, and surprises. A Massphoning survey was used to confirm attendance at the event. We asked each attendee about the drink -cava, beer, or soft drink- with which they preferred to be received at the entrance. The success of this action, which we analyze in this post, led to the request for integration of Massphoning in Teamleader’s Marketplace.