A Massphoning survey campaign was used to confirm attendance at the Work Smarter 2017 event. Teamleader’s initial plan was to deliver a survey with the following three messages:

Introduction: ‘Hi, this is Teamleader. We remind you that next Thursday will take place our Work Smarter event.’
Options: ‘Please confirm your attendance by pressing 1.’
Farewell: ‘Thank you for your collaboration.’

Although correct, it lacked some ingredients to get outstanding results. After some brainstorming, the final survey was:

Introduction: ‘Hey, hey, see you on Thursday at Teamleader’s Work Smarter event! Enrique Dans and María Benjumea will be there.’
Options: ‘Confirm your attendance by pressing 1 to receive you with a glass of cava, press 2 for a fresh beer or 3 if you prefer a soft drink or water.’
Farewell: ‘We are waiting for you, it will be great! Teamleader – Work Smarter.’

The joyful tone is one definite improvement, but the giveaway is vital. You are asking something from your recipients so try to give something in return. In this case, we remind them of the distinguished guests attending, and we focus on the free drink, which diverts attention from the idea that we are worried about the attendance at the event. We also generate gratitude and commitment, and that is why 98% (106 of 108) of those who pressed a key finally attended, as the report below shows. By the way, fresh beer won the match hands down, and one people -in their excitement- pressed ‘5’ 🙂